Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vintage BATTLESHIP in Lego

Ahhh.... the lovely memories of the sweet phrase" You sunk my battleship!"

About 5 years ago I remember seeing a yahoo story about the top 10 most offensive board game artwork.
This cover was somewhere in that top ten because dad and brother are playing a game while mom and sis are slaving away in the kitchen... with smiles no less! I had to laugh at this because growing up this was the only version we ever had (late 80's) and I never once made the connection. In fact, if not for that top 10 list, I would have probably never paid attention to the cover artwork... possibly for the rest of my life
Then the battleship movie came out and I decided it was time to make a vintage version of the blue playing board.
This is an image of the cover of the game box we grew up with in my house (yes, its the original box and in pretty darn good shape!) and the finished playing board.

The numbers and letters have been digitally added, but other than that the rest is all real Lego parts