Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Have Flags, Will Travel

Have Flags, Will Travel by customBRICKS
Have Flags, Will Travel, a photo by customBRICKS on Flickr.

What does the minifigure have to do with the flag bricks? Nothing. I just thought a picture of just bricks with flags on them would be kind of boring.

But on a side note, the minifigure itself does have a story to it. If I were a guy this is how I would have looked when trying to navigate the streets of Prague looking for our hotel, eye twitch and all.

It was nighttime
It was winter
We got lost
All the street signs are super long with names almost void of any vowel.

We never did find our hotel and went for the "stop at the next place we come across" method of picking a place to stay. It worked well for us and we got the last room available, a rooftop suite, which had a beautiful view of the city and an amazing view of the castle.

The elevator was comically small and could fit 1 small child so we threw our bags into the elevator and ran up the 10 flights of stairs to meet the elevator at the top.

Ahh... the memories!

So getting back to the flag bricks, they are digitally printed on 1x2 white, red and blue bricks. The Canadian flag graphic is printed edge to edge