Saturday, May 31, 2014

Out of the Ashes...

a new racing ship is born

This ship was built over Memorial Day weekend made entirely from parts in my "waiting to be sorted" LEGO bin. A lot of the parts are from the disassembled ship I built for the FBTB Gunship Alt Model Contest.

For some reason I latched onto the name Jupiter Jump Ship so this is a Jupiter Jump Class Ship called The Phoenix.

I was completely out of stickers so I ordered a few sheets from a local seller on bricklink and stickered this one within an inch of it's life earlier this week.

Of all the ships I have built over the last few weeks this one is the largest and by far the most sturdy.

This ship was played with for hours by 3 little boys ages 3,4 and 6. The only parts that fell off were the engine ports, which I even manage to knock off from time to time.

That being said this bruiser of a ship will just plow through the competition. There is no need for agility as The Phoenix will just push you off the race course as it passes and continue on its merry way.

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